Now you have the power to analyze body type, balance data and manage membership smarter and faster based on accurate data analysis and experience from SALTED FITNESS NOTE.

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FITNESS NOTE is delivering an effective system and service to support personal training based on body type analysis and data experience utilizing SALTED SMART SHOES.
It helps fitness trainers confirm body type analysis and data of exercisers quickly and accurately during workouts.


SALTED FITNESS SMART SHOES contains pressure sensors embedded in the outsole measure and provides real-time feedback to help illustrate the exerciser’s balance data and weakness.

You can see the real-time balance data and follow-up notification from FITNESS NOTE APP connected to SALTED FITNESS SHOES via Bluetooth

Feature Introduction

Balance-based body shape analysis

Do you still try to analyze your body type and workout relying just on videos and your guesswork?
Now you can have the power to analyze balance and data about the standing to walking posture accurately and quickly with just a pair of SALTED SMART SHOES. It gives opportunities to find the ideal fit through using objective data.

MINSUNG KIM trainer / MVM Fitness

"Trainer’s experience and sensible opinion are important. In addition, it was more efficient and better way for interactive communication based on objective data and information from FITNESS NOTE."

Technological personal training based on data experience

It analyzes motional figures/body type and acquires information and data of exercisers balance, even invisible balance data that trainers do not recognize. It provides real time data analysis and accurate coaching system.

JUNGWAN YOON trainer / MVM Fitness

"Exerciser’s left and right balances are broken and shifted badly sometimes when doing deadlift, Squat, heavy weight training. As Fitness note shows imbalance status, condition and weaknesses from objective data, It is easier training system and must be helpful for coaching and feedback."

Membership Management

Are you managing just basic information of members?
Now you can manage all individual inquires, data and information of members effectively and build up segmentalized membership management via SALTED FITNESS NOTE.

JINWOO LEE trainer / MVM Fitness

"We all did paper works for member’s inquires and information, so It was quite hard to make data. But now we can store stacked individual member’s information and PT data into server and make data though SALTED FITNESS APP. We can create varied marketing tool in stored data and manage membership very effectually"

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